In Patagonia CNC Machines we integrate robotic bending cells that improve the process in speed, quality and safety.

In the production line, we offer the automation of different processes in order to reach a better result,

such as pallet dispensers, strapping machines, labelers, loading and unloading systems, among others.


      • Special robot for bending.
      • Compatible with any press brake machine controller.
      • Customized projects & gripper design.
      • Automatic loading & unloading system.
      • Safety light curtains & locking door system.
      • Flexible automation with simple setup changes.


In Patagonia CNC Machines, we design MIGwelding cells, integrating industrial robots with the appropriate torches according to the needs of each project.

Our welding system is complemented by manual or automatic jigs and fixtures, safety cells, 2D and 3D vision sensors, inspection
systems, sensors and external control panels.

Furthermore, the technology of our systems grant not only flexible and reliable processes but also improvement of productivity.


  • Temperature gas regulator, prevent gas freezing.
  • Cleaning station included – (Milling, cutting and non-stick liquid).
  • Modular and rotary tables.
    Customized Jigs, Fixtures & Gauges.
  • Ease of transporting & compact.
  • Safety light curtains & locking door system.
  • HMI Touch Panel – Multiprogram selection.
  • Elimination of wire feeding problems.
  • Changing drive rollers are not necessary anymore.
  • Wire length up to 30 m.
    Smoke Extraction System.